Universidad Europea

Honorary Committee

  • Hon Dr. Águeda Benito
    Vice Chancellor of Universidad Europea de Madrid
  • Dr. D. Francisco López Varas
    Dean in acting of the Faculty of Sports Science of the Universidad Europea de Madrid
  • Hon. Dr. D. Sergio Calvo Fernández
    Director of the School of Doctoral Studies & Research

Organising Committee

  • Dr. Beatriz Martínez Pascual
    Area Director of School of Sports Science
  • Dr. Beatriz González Galvez
    Director of the Center of Excellence for Research in Physical Activity and Sports
  • Dr. Óscar García López
    Head of Psychology Department

Conference Organising Committee

  • Marc Cloes
    AIESEP President
  • Mary O’Sullivan
    AIESEP Secretary General
  • Gerardo Bielons
    Chair Madrid 2015 AIESEP International Conference

Scientific Committee Co-Chairs

  • Dra. Begoña Learreta Ramos
  • Dr. Óscar García López
  • Dr. Sergio Lorenzo Jimenez Saiz

Conference Organiser
GB Consulting

  • Gerardo Bielons
    Director GB Consulting
  • Cristina Pascual
    Directors Assistant
  • Will Taylor
    Project Manager
  • Thomas Hulzinga
    Communications Manager
  • Daan Geerlings
    Marketing Manager

GB Consulting:
Phone: +34 91 556 38 06 / +34 692 206 213
Fax: +34 91 555 32 90
Facebook: GB Consulting
Twitter and Instagram: @events_gb