Universidad Eu­ropea

Universidad Europea

Since its inception in 1995, Universidad Eu­ropea has been committed to providing inno­vative, holistic and high-quality education, and is now a leader in the Spanish private higher education sector.

At Universidad Europea our goal is to increase our students’ competences and transform them into opportunities for personal and professional success, and thus helping to achieve the best you can be. To do so, we have a unique, cutting-edge academic model based on:

  • ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE in connection with the professional world.
  • COMPETENCES development.
  • Development of our students’ EMPLOY­ABILITY profiles.
  • INTERNATIONAL perspective.

Universidad Europea is also the only Spanish higher education institution that belongs to an international network of universities, the Laureate International Universities network, an undisputed leader in higher education providing training to more than 750,000 students at over 65 institutions spanning 29 countries around the world.

Universidad Europea is also noteworthy for its modern facilities and cutting-edge educational resources such as those found on the Villaviciosa de Odón campus, which covers more than 25 acres and includes five educational buildings, two 500-person dormitories and an extensive sports complex with swimming pools, gymnasium, athletics track, tennis courts, soccer fields, paddle tennis courts, beach volleyball courts and a sports pavilion.

Currently, Universidad Europea has more than 16,000 students from all five conti­nents at universities and spread across its 3 university institutions: Universidad Europea de Madrid, Universidad Europea de Canari­as and Universidad Europea de Valencia.

Universidad Europea’s academic offer is one of the most comprehensive on the market, and each year it incorporates new degree programs, such as Creative Music Produc­tion or Biotechnology.


More information: http://universidadeuropea.es/