Amika Singh


Amika SinghFocussing on performance in school and higher education settings, Amika Singh will be lecturing on “What do we know about the relationship between physical activity and academic performance in school and higher education settings”.

Dr. Singh is senior researcher at the VU University medical center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her research is embedded in the EMGO Institute for Health and Car Research and in the Department of Public and Occupational Health. She obtained her PhD for her thesis on the evaluation of the effectiveness of a school-based intervention program aiming at the prevention of obesity in adolescents.

Amika Singh was project coordinator of the European Commission-funded ENERGY-project ( Within ENERGY fifteen partners across Europe worked on a large-scale cross-European survey of more than 7000 school-children and their parents and gaining more insight in feasible components for the school-based and home-environmental promotion of healthy energy balance-related behaviors in children across Europe.

Dr. Singh’s research focuses on the development, evaluation and implementation of interventions that aim at improving healthy behaviors in children. One of her most recent projects is called SMART MOVES!. Within SMART MOVES! Dr. Singh and her colleagues examine the relationship between physical activity and cognitive functioning in children.
She has co-authored about 50 peer-reviewed papers since 2006, her Hirsch-Index of 16.