Rafael Martín Acero


Rafael Martín AceroRafael Martín Acero, will be Keynote Speaker with a global talk: “Physical activity: Myths and facts to build healthy habits in the population”.

Dr. Rafael Martín Acero is Professor in the department of Physical Education and Sport at the University of A Coruña (UDC). He is a fellow member of the European College of Sports Sciences and the Spanish Association of Sport Sciences (AECDD).
He has been dean in the INEF (National Institute of Physical Education) of Galicia (1998-2003) and the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education (2004-2013). He has been elected president of the Spanish Conference of Institutes and Faculties of Sport Sciences and Physical Education. Also he has been awarded with the “Juan Mayorga” prize.

He is a fellow member of the expertise committee of Galician Healthy Plan from Xunta de Galicia. He has collaborated with the National Sports Council (CSD) in the development of expert groups to establish the Comprehensive Plan for Physical Activity and Sport (A+D).
He has delivered lectures to professionals, doctors and researchers of Physical Education and Sport in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay. His research focuses on the development of neuromuscular skills and physical growing; and motor performance of school age children, with a specific emphasis on motor behavior and neuromuscular control approaches. He has published papers, book chapters and books and he has been cited in 653 occasions. He is the director of Physical Education Magazine (1984-2014), Training Magazine (1987-2014). His scientific production exceeds the production of the 70% of the researchers registered in the ResearchGate database.